This program works with early learning and child care programs to support the inclusion of all children. If you are concerned with your child’s development, contact a Resource Consultant to discuss your concerns. There is no cost to families to receive services from a Resource Consultant.

Examples of the services available:

• Making connections with other service providers.

• Supporting smooth transitions to school and/or child care programs.

• Creating a Family Service Plan with the family if needed.

• Offering support, suggestions, and resources to families and child care programs.

• Provide training opportunities for parents and educators.

Access the program in one of the following ways:

• Contact a resource consultant directly.

• Be referred by another agency, family doctor, or health unit.

• Have your child care program make a referral.


If you have questions about how the Resource Consultants may assist you and your children, please call:

1 (519) 271-3773 ext. 229       or 1 (800) 669-2948 ext. 229