DNSSAB provides funds to two local agencies to ensure that special needs resourcing services are available to children with special needs allowing them to attend and be included in licensed child care programs.   The Inclusion Support Program allows families to access licensed early learning and child care services and receive the supports and resources to assist both the family and the child care professionals.

Licensed child care programs are inclusive environments which welcome all children as full participants. Every licensed child care program in the District of Nipissing receives enhanced support services from a Special Needs Resource Consultant through the Inclusion Support Program.  These qualified professionals provide additional support needed so that every child can take part in the child care program.


Special Needs Referral for Fee Subsidy

Children may be referred to the fee subsidy program based on either a child’s special needs or a parent’s special needs.
Eligibility for fee subsidy with a special needs referral will be subject to the regular income testing guidelines.
Is available for children ages 6-12 registered in licensed school age programs.
The Special Needs Referral Form, which can be downloaded using the link below, must be completed by a third party social services professional.  Examples include Children’s Aid Society, Community Living North Bay, One Kids Place, etc.