As defined in the Child Care and Early Years Act, a child with special needs means a child whose cognitive, physical, emotional or communicative needs, or whose need relating to overall development, are of such a nature that additional supports are required for the child.

Children's Inclusion Support Services


Children’s Inclusion Support Services (CISS) provides support, in English and in French, to licensed child care programs (nursery schools, child care centres and home child care agencies) that promote the inclusion of children with special needs within the City of Ottawa.


It is necessary to register your child with the City of Ottawa Child Care Registry and Waitlist as well as completing the CISS Intake process.

Complete and submit the required forms to Children Inclusion Support Services (CISS)

Application Next Steps:

  1. Apply to the child care programs you would like your child to attend, to make a selection of the child care programs you wish your child to attend.
  2. In order to receive support from CISS, while your child is attending care, please proceed and complete the CISS intake forms. Complete and submit the required forms to Children Inclusion Support Services (CISS)

Contact Information

Phone Number:
(613) 736-1913x231
(613) 736-8378
Support Phone:
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday 8am to 4:30pm
Program Website: