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As Consolidated Municipal Service Manager (CMSM), Children’s Services, The City of Ottawa, is responsible for the planning and management of licensed child care and early years programs and services for children from 0 to 12 years old in Ottawa.
The child care and early years sector in Ottawa is continually evolving to align with provincial priorities and respond to the needs of the local community, including, breaking down barriers and respecting freedom and diversity of all people, E.g. the needs of Francophone, Indigenous, immigrant, 2SLGBTQ+: families, and families living in low income or who have children with special needs. As CMSM Children’s Services takes an active role in system-wide coordinating and planning, to ensure that children and families have access to high-quality, affordable, and responsive services across the city.
Child Care Registry and Waitlist (CCRAW)
The Child Care Registry and Waitlist (CCRAW) is an online tool that helps families find, explore, and apply to licensed child care service providers. The interactive map provides information on each provider, including location, hours of operation, age group and programs. Families then connect with providers by adding themselves to their preferred provider’s list.
Licensed child care service providers may reach out directly to families that have added themselves to their list to fill vacant child care spaces. Each provider, as their own independent organization, determines how they fill their vacant spaces (children with or without fee subsidies), depending on their individual mandates, priorities, and on demand in their area. Child care service providers are required to place subsidized children in order of priority.
The demand for child care placements is often larger than the supply and many families are required to find alternate arrangements (e.g., informal home care, family members) or stay home until a space is available with their preferred provider.
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