Child Care Fee Subsidy

Families living in Ottawa, with children 12 years of age and under, may apply for a child care fee subsidy.  Subsidies may cover all, or part of a family’s monthly child care fees.
To be assessed for a fee subsidy, families need to  
  • sign up and create a free Child Care Registry and Waitlist account in OneHSN
  • Enter parent/guardian contact details
  • Enter child(ren) details
  • Complete the fee subsidy application section
  • Submit/upload the required supporting documents (which are listed in the application)
  • For more information about a child care subsidy, visit Children's services | City of Ottawa.
To qualify for a fee subsidy, you must demonstrate a financial need and a reason for child care, such as  employment, going to school, looking for work, have a child with special needs, be a parent that has special  needs or you have a referral by a professional agency such as the Children’s Aid Society.  
Once you have completed your online application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail telling you your  application is either complete or incomplete. If your application is incomplete, you will need to log back in and  provide the missing information.

How Child Care Subsidies are Calculated  

Applicants are required to submit their tax assessments with their online fee subsidy application.
The fee subsidy office determines your financial eligibility by reviewing your Family Net Income (line 23600) via  your tax assessment(s) from the most recent tax year.  
Example as follows based on your net income:
 $0-$20000 = no fee required
 $20000-$40000 = 10% of your income goes towards child care costs
 $40000 = 30% of your income goes towards child care costs
The available income is divided by 12 months to create a monthly fee.
Calculator - click link, then scroll to the bottom of the page Paid Days Away (Sick/Vacation)
Each child with a fee subsidy receives up to 36 allowable paid days away each calendar year (January 1 -  December 31). Subsidy starting after January will be pro-rated to 3 days/month for the remainder of the  calendar year.
Families with shared custody or part time care will have 18 days or less per calendar year. Families who exceed  the allotted paid days away, will be invoiced the full fee cost of care for each exceeded day.
Parents can request additional Paid Days Away, by completing the online

Transferring, Discharging and Terminating Placement

Families are required to provide 10 business days' notice to the subsidy office and to their child care provider.  Failure to provide notice may result in you being charged the full fee cost of care for 10 days’ withdrawal  without notice.

Contact Information:

  • 311, pick language, then select option 4 for child care   
  • E-mail:
  • Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday: 8am to 4:30pm